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Clone raspberry pi SD card

  • Insert new SD card
  • Search for SD card via command below
diskutil list
  • Start the Backup

Replace disk6 with the id of your card.

sudo gdd if=/dev/disk6 of=~/raspi.dmg status=progress
  • Remove old SD card
  • Put new one in
  • Look for new id via diskutil
  • Unmount new SD card
sudo diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk6
  • Push to new SD Card
sudo gdd if=~/raspi.dmg of=/dev/disk6 status=progress

How long does it take?

Roughly 90 minutes to do the Backup with a 128GB SanDisk Extrem Card.
And ~230 min to restore it on a 256GB SanDisk Extreme Pro.

In total including work time up to 340 minutes.

— Nov 25, 2022